Want to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary? You can’t overlook the magical allure of the Ferris wheel! This timeless attraction never fails to captivate guests of all ages and guarantees a whirlwind of excitement. 

To make sure your Ferris wheel experience is nothing short of amazing, we’ve got you covered with these essential tips. Let’s dive in and discover how to make your event soar to new heights!

Consider the Available Space

When considering space for a Ferris wheel at your event, you’ll first need to consult with us for guidance. Together we will assess the venue’s restrictions, measure the available area for the footprint and clearance, account for vertical clearance and nearby obstacles, factor in a safety buffer zone, consider surrounding activities and ensure accessible walkways. 

Plan for Safety

Your safety is our top priority here at Fun Time Amusements. We adhere to strict safety standards so you can rest assured, our Ferris wheel is maintained and inspected regularly, holding all the necessary certifications. Plus, to ensure a worry-free experience, our team of trained professionals will be on-site, operating and monitoring the ride with the utmost care. 

Consider the Age Range

Think about the age range of your attendees and their level of comfort with heights and motion. Ferris wheels are typically suitable for all ages, but it’s wise to consider alternative attractions for young children or individuals with specific concerns. We can also offer guidance on other age-appropriate rides or activities to complement the Ferris wheel.

Discuss Customisation Options

To make your event truly unique, inquire about customisation options for the Ferris wheel. We offer opportunities to personalise the ride with banners, lighting, or branding elements that align with your event’s theme or corporate identity. Customising the Ferris wheel adds a touch of exclusivity and enhances the overall ambiance.

Review Logistics and Set-Up Requirements

Understanding the logistics and set-up requirements is crucial for a smooth event execution. Consult with us regarding access points, space requirements, and any necessary permits or licences. Determine if additional equipment, such as generators or fencing, is needed. Collaborating closely with the Fun Time Amusements team ensures that everything is in place for a seamless installation.

Plan for Crowd Management

A Ferris wheel can attract large crowds, particularly during peak hours. Discuss crowd management strategies with us to ensure a smooth flow of guests. Consider implementing timed ticketing, queue management systems, or event staff to help organise and control the ride’s popularity, guaranteeing a positive experience for all attendees.

Budget and Payment Terms

Prior to finalising your Ferris wheel rental, ensure you understand all costs involved, including installation, operation, and any additional services. This transparency allows you to budget effectively and avoid any surprises later on.

Hiring a Ferris wheel from Fun Time Amusements can be a fantastic addition to your next event, creating lasting memories for your guests. 

Remember, our expert guidance and support will be invaluable throughout the process. So, let’s bring the magic and excitement of a Ferris wheel to your event, making it an unforgettable occasion for all to cherish!