If you’re thinking about planning your child’s next birthday, the first thing you might think about is a jumping castle! There are many great reasons to hire a jumping castle for a kid’s birthday party, but let’s take a look at the top 5:

1. We Can Match Your Party Theme

Funtime Amusements has a great variety of castles with many popular themes. If you’re struggling to decorate, a jumping castle will do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t bother with chair covers or carefully prepared decorations or the extra expense that goes with these – seeing a Toy Story or Girl Thing jumping castle set up will knock their socks off, without any effort from you.

2. It’s Great Exercise

Jumping on a castle can be a fantastic workout for little ones. Sometimes the excitement of being at a party with their friends can just get too overwhelming, and that energy has to go somewhere, and preferably not in your house while you’re trying to clean up! Having the jumping castle set up and ready to go will let kids work off all the excitement without damage to your property.

3. It’s A Full Entertainment Solution

You won’t need to create games, hire an entertainer or endlessly wrap a pass-the-parcel. Everyone who’s hosted a kid’s party knows the fear of activities falling flat, children becoming disinterested or the games not nearly taking the amount of time you were planning. A jumping castle is ready to go the whole of the party, and children will quickly make up their own games jumping with their friends. It’s much cheaper and easier than other forms of entertainment.

4. There’s No Effort For You

Hosting a party is hard work – but it doesn’t have to be. Our friendly helpful team will set up the castle for you at a convenient time. There’s no effort required, just sit back and let the party-goers do what they do best – have fun! Point the children at the jumping castle, put your feet up and listen to the happy shrieks of joy while your friends congratulate you on throwing an epic birthday party.

5. It Takes Up Less Space Than You Think

One of the more commonly asked questions is “How much room will I need?” Give us a call today and have a chat about what you’re looking for. Often our castles can be accommodated in quite compact spaces – don’t assume that because you’re not on acreage you can’t have a jumping castle. Our helpful staff can chat through a few options that will fit your space.

Have we convinced you yet? Well here’s bonus reason number 6.

6. Everybody Loves A Jumping Castle…or A Slide…or An Inflatable Waterslide…or A Maze

Jumping castles aren’t just for little kids. If you’re struggling to entertain a rowdy group of tweens and teens, no one can resist a jumping castle or any of our other party hires!

Give us a call today and happy jumping!