Mechanical Rides

Wild Octopuss Show Ride | Rock Wall | Merry-go-round | Trackless Train | Mini Jeeps | Swinging Pirate Ship | Chair-o-plane | Mechanical Bull | Mechanicall Surfboard | Water Balls | Giant Fiberglass Slide | Twirling Tubs | Supper Sizzler | Battery Dodgem Cars

Mechanical Rides

Wild Octopus Show Ride

This very coloured twirling screaming ride will spin you when you least expect it. Sending you flying 7mt hight into the sky and droping you back down to ground. ARE YOU READY TO GET WILD
Height restrictions apply.
This ride is a family thrill ride

Rock Wall

Standing a whopping 8 meters tall, this mobile rock climbing wall is a must for any event. 5 people can climb together.


This ride is great for the little ones, they will love the choice of horses, zebra or rockets

Trackless Train

All aboard the Funtime Express, our trackless train will take you on a relaxing ride around any event. For the young or young at heart.

Mini Jeeps

These little beauties are fun, colourful, and are very popular. They put you right in the drivers seat.

They feature smooth quiet motors powerful enough to take two riders on just one ticket.

An operator and multi coloured barricades are provided to add to the excitement.

Swinging Pirate Ship

Sailing on the bounty was never like this! The seas might be rough but every crew member has a big smile, and can’t wait for another voyage.

Ideal for toddlers to 12 year-olds. Even a couple of mums or dads are allowed


Twirls the littlies around and around, a popular ride with a gentle pace and sure to put smiles on kid’s faces.

Comples complete with an experienced operator and safety barriers.Good safe fun!!

Mechanical Bull

Our mechanical bull provides a realistic bucking bull experience, and comes with an experienced operator who is trained to use the bull’s advanced controls to adjust the speed and difficulty of the ride to the level of the rider. Will you last the ride

Mechanical Surfboard

The big hit of any summer party is the fun that can be had on our mechanical surfboard. The surf machine is themed with beach colours and will integrate seamlessly into your next event. the mechanical surfboard lets you ride the wave then wipe out on the inflatable beach. The surf machine operates from dead slow for beginners to wipe out mode for the regular surfers. Ride our mechanical surfboard at your next event

Water Balls

Want to play in a pool but not get wet? Then this ride is perfect go on the inside of a large inflatable ball and have a ball!!

Giant Fibreglass Slide

Three huge lanes of slip, sliding fun. Patrons sit on a mat and slide 30 metres. Suitable for all age groups. The slide stands 10 metres high and has a great capacity. Our MEGA SLIDE is extremely good amusement ride that the whole family can enjoy

Please note this is not a wet slide.

Twirling Tubs

This is our version of a cup and saucer, but with a great feature, a steering wheel that you twist, in the centre of each tub. The faster you spin the steering wheel the faster you go. We can ride adults on this amusement as well as the kids.

Super Sizzler

Battery Dodgem Cars

What Our Families are Saying

Dear Roy and team,
Thank you so much for sending down the 4 rides at the Gin Gin New Year’s Bash. Really appreciate the amount of atmosphere and fun that it created. As a committee we are taking the huge positive feedback from community members and the large crowd for an inaugural event as a successful first time event. We are expecting that we would love to do it again next year as so many have already talked about how great it was and will talk with you towards the end of the year about possible co-operation again next year.

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