Let’s face it, every event needs some thrills and chills! Amusement rides are a surefire way to boost attendance and take your event from drab to fab, but choosing the right rides can be no easy feat. With countless options to pick from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Don’t stress though – we’ve got your back! Here are our top tips on how to select the ultimate amusement rides for your next event.

Know who will be attending your event

By knowing exactly who will be attending your event, you can determine which types of rides will be the most appealing to them. For example, if your event is primarily aimed at families with young children, you may want to choose rides that are more suitable for this age group such as the Ferris wheel, jumping castles, chair rides or merry-go-rounds.

Factor in the available space

Make sure you choose rides that will fit comfortably within your event space and won’t cause any safety concerns. It’s important to carefully evaluate the dimensions of your space and compare them against the dimensions of each ride you’re considering. You don’t want to overcrowd the area or choose rides that are too large, which could be dangerous or pose safety risks. We can give you these details when you make your enquiry.

Research your options

Before making any decisions, take the time to research the various types of amusement rides available for hire. Familiarise yourself with the different options and understand the features and benefits of each ride and how they will appeal to your audience. Knowing your options can help you make informed decisions. You’ll find information on all of our rides right here on our website or you can give us a call!

Safety always come first

When selecting amusement rides for your event, safety should be your top priority. All Fun Time Amusements rides are registered with Workplace Health & Safety, comply with all relevant safety regulations and are fully insured. Our rides are also hired out with trained and experienced ride operators to ensure they are properly operated and maintained throughout the event. 

Have a variety of rides available

Consider adding a variety of amusement rides at your event to appeal to a wider range of attendees. Offering a mix of thrill rides, family-friendly rides and carnival games can help ensure there’s something for everyone. Additionally, consider the layout of the event and try to place similar rides together to make it easier for attendees to find the rides they’re interested in.

Consider your budget

Some rides will be more expensive to hire than others, and it’s important to understand these costs upfront. You don’t want to blow your budget on a few pricey rides and be left with limited funds for other essential event elements. Get in touch with us first and we can issue you a quote so there are no surprises! 

And there you have it. Choosing the perfect amusement rides for your shindig IS serious business, but with a little bit of planning and these hot tips, you’ll be able to pick the rides that’ll make your event one for the books!

Now, let’s get to work and choose the rides that’ll have your guests grinning from ear to ear, while keeping your wallet and safety in mind. Remember, it’s all about making sure everyone has a blast while keeping it safe and affordable. Enquire through our website or give us a call on 0407 933 117 today!