About Us

In 2008 Roy Johnson started his first venture “Fun Time Amusements”. His youthful energy and enthusiasm ensured the success of the business and over the years it has become one of the most trusted amusement suppliers in CQ and Wide Bay.

Our Story

Fun Time Amusements supplies and operates the most popular rides, games, and fun foods. We are still a growing business and continually update our rides and services to meet the requirements of our customers.

Here at Fun Time Amusements we understand the importance of safety, therefore we have a hazard and safety checklist for every ride we own that is altered to cater for each job we attend. We also take the time and effort to ensure that all of our equipment is inspected by engineers on a regular basis to ensure that our amusements, games and fun foods are as safe as possible. All of our amusement rides are registered with work place health and safety and all are FULLY INSURED. We have a food safety certificate as well as staff who are fully trained and hold a blue card to work with children.

What Our Families are Saying

Dear Roy and team,
Thank you so much for sending down the 4 rides at the Gin Gin New Year’s Bash.
Really appreciate the amount of atmosphere and fun that it created. As a committee we are taking the huge positive feedback from community members and the large crowd for an inaugural event as a successful first time event. We are expecting that we would love to do it again next year as so many have already talked about how great it was and will talk with you towards the end of the year about possible co-operation again next year.

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